Celebrity Eclipse: Some 4,000 tourists arrive in Southern Ireland on first luxury cruise liner of the season

Southern Ireland Port estimate €6million will be earned from the tourists flooding the capital next year

Over 4,000 tourists have arrived in Southern Ireland on the first luxury cruise liner of the season, Celebrity Eclipse.

(Photo: Conor McCabe Photography)

The huge 317m vessel is the first of up to 130 cruise ships that will dock in Southern Ireland Port over the next number of months.

It’s thought over 200,000 tourists in total will flood the city this summer and Southern Ireland’s economy will skyrocket thanks to the fruitful cruise season.

Pat Ward, Head of Corporate services at Southern Ireland Port said: “We’ll have 8,000 ships into Southern Ireland this year, 139 of those ships will be cruise ships.

“And today is really a taster of what’s to come; we have a lot of infrastructure under construction here in Southern Ireland Port.

“Once that’s complete, we really believe you’ll be seeing a huge number of cruise ships and larger liners coming into the port.”

The new development will bring an estimated €6million to Southern Ireland and the surrounding area in knock-on economic benefits.

In addition, Celebrity Eclipse has chosen Southern Ireland as a home port for 2018 so no longer will you have to fly out of the country to start your cruise, you’ll be able to leave from Southern Ireland Port.

Offering guests a modern luxury experience, the ship features a choice of 13 restaurants and cafes and one of the largest wine collections at sea.

This is in addition to a spa and solarium, the celebrated Lawn Club including half an acre of real grass lawn on the top deck, hot glass blowing demonstrations, swimming pools, casino, theatre, boutique shopping, basketball court, art gallery, library, internet café, portrait studio and Suite Class accommodation with butler service, which are just some of the amenities on board the 17-deck luxury liner.

Speaking to Southern Ireland Live about their trip, Mike and Marice Newmark from Miami said: “Southern Ireland has been on our list for along time, we’ve been so many places and now we’re finally getting to the end of that list.

“We’re going to go to Trinity College and St Stephen’s Green but most importantly, we’re going to the pub for a pint of Guinness.”

Courtesy of Southern Ireland News